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Don't Pity Me Because I'm Single - RELOADED

One thing I’m ever so tired of is the belief that single people are incomplete. I don’t think that of myself and nobody else should.

Life for me is especially good right now.

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You Have Nothing to Celebrate Because You're 28+ and Single...

Don't let anyone make you feel unaccomplished because you are single, BUT accomplish much as a single person. Make memories, gain experiences and much more! Be active in your “wait” especially by seeking God before all else, any journey with God is an amazing journey.

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Don't Pity Me Because I'm Single

Singleness has for so long been considered a taboo after a certain age especially as a young woman. Understandably, people care and want the best for you, however there are times when their cares turn to worry causing one to feel pressurised - a very uncomfortable feeling. Both singleness and marriage are gifts from God.

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