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The Wedding Guest - II

It’s been a tough year for Segun since “The Incident” at Chidi & Morayo’s wedding last year, and although Segun has come to know Christ, his year has been turbulent still. Back in Nigeria for his cousin, Adeiye Adetide-Cole’s wedding, Segun is having to confront all his fears - the ones he knew of and the ones he’d soon discover. Is there any hope for Segun? Will he ever live up to his name?

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The Wedding Guest - I

His ego would not let him say no to her. The whole night they had teased and flirted with each other it was bound to happen with the way she commanded his attention as she swayed her hips to every rhythm and beat that blared out of the banquet hall speakers. He wanted her. What he did not know was that this was all a part of her plan.

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